eneo NVR/DVR critical systems monitoring

Most eneo DVR’s and NVR’s provide constant monitoring of the recorders critical systems.

Systems constantly monitored include.

  • Fan status
  • HDD bad sectors by %
  • HDD temperature threshold exceeded
  • Check recording
  • eSATA disconnected
  • No Storage found
  • Boot up
  • Restart
  • Disk config change
  • camera fail
  • and more

All of these events can not only activate an output, but also provide notification via email.

As well as this, most eneo recorders can provide device health status on a hourly, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis via email.

Most eneo recorders are therefore actively monitoring the health of the device, and in doing so are capable of providing information about an imminent failure. Not just a hard drive failure after the event!

Today’s vehicles provide live notification of impending issues such as low fuel, oil, coolant etc. Should we not expect the same from our security CCTV systems?

Will your client’s recorder be there when they need it most?

If not, a dollar saved at purchase could be a dollar wasted on playback